“Andrew Garland had the crowd in his hands as the bird-catcher Papageno, singing adroitly and delivering his spoken lines with a deadpan comic inflection that seemed at times to channel Owen Wilson.” – The Boston Globe

“Andrew Garland’s Papageno was endlessly amusing as a regular guy who wished he could catch a wife as easily as he caught birds, and who would evidently rather have been down the street at the Red Sox game than here amid thunderclaps, scary pursuers, and trials by fire. The singer’s bluff baritone showed an unexpectedly lyrical side in the philosophical duet with Pamina [Leah Partrige]” – See more at: http://bostonclassicalreview.com/2016/04/boston-baroques-magic-flute-delivers-mozart-with-bells-on/#sthash.nYr5zO6h.dpuf