“Among the veterans, baritone Andrew Garland stands out. He backs a winning vocal characterization of Figaro with confident power, technical ease and, in places, timbral nuance. And he does so while moving better than anyone else on stage.” — Anrew Moravcsik Opera Today, June 20, 2023

“In the third movement (Andante moderato), baritone soloist Andrew Garland intoned ‘Herr, lehre doch mich, daß ein Ende mit mir haben muß’ incisively and with shining vocal luster, his E and F at the top of the stave projected effortlessly but with dramatic purpose. Each of his words was matched with a vocal coloration that limned its meaning, and oft-neglected musical subtleties, one of the most intriguing of which is a brief reminiscence of a phrase in the Lied ‘Gute Nacht’ from Schubert’s Winterreise, were meticulously explored.

”Garland lent each word of ‘Siehe, ich sage euch ein Geheimnis’ conviction, placing each tone with assurance” – Joseph Newsome, Voix des Artes, February 18, 2023



“Andrew Garland, Javier Abreu and Jeremy Reger lend their inimitable and powerful skills to compositions by Gabriela Frank and Dmitri Shostakovich here, who transformed Spanish language song via their ingenuity to song craft.

“Cantos de Cifaryel MarDulce (Songs of Cifar and the Sweet Sea)” opens the listen with Garland’s soaring baritone that’s illuminated by Reger’s alluring piano across the diverse 8 chapters, and “Las Cinco Lunas de Lorca” follows with a duet that allows Abreu’s tenor to add another dimension to the emotive and powerful landscape.

“but the quality of the compositions and precise singing and piano prowess make for a captivating listening experience.”



“The most distinctive scenes are those involving Andrew Garland and Kirsten Chambers. As the suffering Prior Walter, Garland deployed a versatile, muscular baritone. Garland was at his best in Act II, when he turned into a convincing, if unwilling, prophet  and showed an impressive falsetto.” — Opera News, September 2017