“This fine recording features performances of great versatility and power from baritone Andrew Garland”

“Frank’s substantial song cycle, Cantos de Cifar y el Mar Dulce…demands any number of vocal styles and theatrical flourishes, all of which are delivered with total conviction by Garland.”

– Kate Wakeling – BBC Music Magazine – Oct. 4, 2022

“Baritone Andrew Garland proves a committed and expressive exponent of [the songs’] unique amalgamations.”

“Garland alternates resonant lyricism with brash insistence, delicate high notes and occasional falsetto…He’s creepy and insinuating in the deadly interrogation of “Tomasito, el cuque: and brings sweetness to the a cappella ‘El niño que yo fuí.’”

– Joanne Sydney Lessner – Opera News, January 2023

“The enormous fortune of having a baritone of Andrew Garland’s caliber to interpret this delicate music is a winning one. He is the soul of the music, and he is the one who transforms every single interpretation into a special event.”

“One cannot imagine a better interpreter for this score”
“the CD remains an impressive document of the capacity to produce seductive and fascinating music by Gabriela Lena Frank, making it an easy recommendation.”  – EarRelevant.net

“Stylistically exemplary, with a seemingly instinctive grasp of Mozart’s frequent infusion of opera seria into opera buffa. ”
“It was great fun to watch the baritone.” “Hilarious.”
“Suave and graceful singing.”
“To his credit, the singer chose the less easy route of nuance.” —Boston Music Intelligencer, January 2, 2015

“Andrew Garland was outstanding. Physically, he was ideal for the role (and for his abbreviated costume), not only moving swiftly as Jove’s messenger should but expressing great tenderness. And he sang extremely well. His voice is rich and surprisingly flexible, including a remarkably good trill.” — Joe Law, Opera News, October 2014

“Garland’s voice is ringing and noble, and was perfect for the “Songs of Travel,” where he is called upon to inhabit Stevenson’s alternately stoic and wistful words. Garland sang in a rapt manner, with sharply defined diction, which was especially effective in “The Infinite Shining Heavens,” where one almost saw the night sky and its myriad points of light as Garland sang of them…Garland was entirely operatic, stretching his powerful voice into strange shapes as he described the birth of the wandering mariner Cifar, and brought to vivid life a metaphorical storm at sea.” — Cleveland.com, May 23, 2014

“If one wants to encounter a first-rank authentic baritone, look no further than Andrew Garland. Here is a young singer who has it all: a distinctively beautiful voice, flawless technique, exceptional musicality, and superb communicative skills. He is also an intelligent and articulate young man with the chiseled good looks of a bodybuilder and athlete. Quite simply, there is no other up and coming classical singer who is a more impressive complete package or more deserving of a major career.” —Gregory Berg, NATS Journal, Jan/Feb 2014

“Selig’s melting soprano and Garland’s firm baritone fusing, in a single song of longing, their respective wishes for a soul-mate was an early moment of perfection that continued to expand throughout the performance.”  — Art Scope Magazine, October 7, 2013